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Most people agree humans should be eating a more “natural diet”. However, what a “natural diet” actually is for the human body is not only determined by what natural products are – but also what our very specific human physiology and metabolism have evolved to eat over a vast amount of geologic time.
Multiple researchers in the medical and nutritional sciences now support a new
paradigm of human health that has this framework as its basis: We are currently not eating in accord with our genetic and biological heritage (we are not fueling our bodies in line with our natural selection during evolution). See The Evolution Diet Chronicles for more details and academic research.
Much of the diseases of civilization, including obesity, chronic diseases, heart disease, auto-immune disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc. can be greatly reduced or ameliorated when following this way of eating. These researchers now have multiple experimental trials, considered nutritional theory – and an abundance of success stories that continue to increase the almost incredible results that people around the world are achieving as early adopters.
This diet and way of eating has at its foundation understanding the specific evolutionary food that the human physiology evolved upon – and resultant nutritional needs for optimal functioning, health, and longevity.
Western cultures are currently not eating in accord with this genetic and biological heritage, so we are not fueling our bodies in line with the natural selection process during our an almost inconceivably long evolution.
The significant decline of health with age, diseases of civilization, obesity, chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and more can be ameliorated or greatly reduced when following this way of eating in total.

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